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1.Unlimited invoicing – This feature is available on both the starter and  pro versions. You are not limited to the number of invoices that can be sent.


2. Escrow cover – This feature allows you to secure your payments. Give your clients the confidence in doing transactions with you


3. Accept payments instantly – Accept payments from your clients even when you have not connected your bank details to your account.


4. Unlimited business accounts-This feature allows you to add multiple business accounts to your Tuaneka dashboard unlike on  the starter where you are only allowed to add one account.


5. Set recurring payments – This feature chases up your clients for your payments . Instead of remembering when to bill each product / service, you can set up your invoices to send out automatically using “Recurring Invoice” and on the schedule, agreed between business owners and clients.


6. Group invoice – This feature allows you to send invoices to large groups and associations in seconds 


7. Custom integrations – This feature allows you to add your own customized integrations to your Tuaneka account 


8. Record manual payments – This feature allows you to record payments taken outside Tuaneka manually.


9. Connect stripe & PayPal (coming soon) – Aside your bank account and mobile money wallets, being on the pro version allows you to connect stripe & PayPal 


10.  Import data from wave and other apps– This feature allows you to import your data from other apps into your Tuaneka account.


11. Export data to other apps – This feature allows you to export your customer data as a csv file to other apps

12. Zappier Integrations (coming soon) – This feature allows you to  connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. 


13. Freelance marketplace (coming soon) –  This feature allows you to showcase your product/services to a wider market place. 


14. Add team members – You will be allowed to add other team members to collaborate, edit and manage your business.