More than just an Invoicing tool

What the world doesn’t need is one more boring invoice generation tool. When we are building Tuaneka we knew we were not building anything new. Everyone can put together an invoice in microsoft word or excel.

So why did we do it?

We felt there was more room for improvement in a crowded space so we distinguished and outclassed the competition with a few useful but killer features. like the escrow feature that allows you to set up an escrow transaction with your invoice. Tuaneka handles the rest, contracts signatures and everything!

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Step by step escrow invoice

  1. Click “Create and Invoice”from the dashboard

  2. Add a recipient/customer to your invoice

  3. Add a service and description then save and continue

  4. Turn On “Escrow”

  5. Approve the invoice

  6. Send the invoice or share it

Tuaneka also chases up for feedback then stores them on an independent searchable database so all your clients can see your good work!

Tuaneka, more than just free invoicing software. It’s actually really smart.

The smartest free invoicing software

Every free invoicing software you have ever used is currently out of date.

Tuaneka is an invoicing platform that has one mission, help you to collect money from your clients and grow your business.

Tuaneka is smarter than most invoicing software

Who are you? You’re an entrepreneur with an eCommerce store, an eCommerce service or digital service provider. You could even have a business in the real world. You could be a plumber, an architect or a florist.

Tuaneka is a smart invoice that collects your payment via the invoice and follows through to ensure your business can grow by leveraging on the good feedback you have had from previous invoices or services provided. The feedback is saved on a web page for your business for everyone to see. No other invoicing platform can do this.

Tuaneka is the only invoice that allows you to create an Escrow transaction at the flick of a switch. Why is this important? In Africa and certain parts of the world, eCommerce transactions are notoriously risky. A smart Tuaneka Invoice can be used to give buyers confidence in the transaction. How? So when a buyer buys something using “tuaneka escrow”, the payment is held in security by Tuaneka until the buyer signals us that the service or product has been delivered successfully.

Tuaneka escrow free

What’s in our development pipeline?

  • Ability to generate tickets for events
  • Generation of Qr codes for product labels and pricing
  • Integration with accounting software to upload your transactions
  • Introduction of a members only cash card
  • WordPress Plugin
  • API for generating invoices and buttons for payment

We are still in our public Beta stage.

We have done a lot but there is still a long way to go until we launch our fully featured, all singing, all dancing app. In the meantime, you can help us test the web app for free! then send feedback to me for a handsome reward.

Tuaneka was built by, based in Accra and London. Teamalfy prides itself in building the coolest SaaS Dashboards.

Tuaneka invoice preview screen

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