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Tuaneka is a smart invoicing application that allows users to send invoices and request payments into their bank accounts and mobile wallets. Its primarily designed for the African market but works anywhere in the world.

Tuaneka.com is a relative new comer to the invoicing space. It does however, have some ground breaking features that set it apart from the local invoicing competition. Tuaneka features include;

– The ability to collect payments directly from the invoice. Clients can pay for invoicing using credit or debit cards and even pay into mobile wallets.

– The ability to create and send invoices to groups

– Recurring payments

– Escrow invoices

– feedback collection and storage.


The Tuaneka development road map is also very encouraging.

Tuaneka will eventually have the following features;

– The ability to connect to local bank accounts in Africa and Europe

– Education specific tools like student management

– Inventory management

– Patient management for health care institutions

– Data capture and filling

– Reporting

– Multi currency accounting

– Purchase orders

– Quotes

– Pay roll


Tuaneka is one of the most credible invoicing tools outside of Europe and north America. A suitable replacement for wave and an up and coming competitor for Xero.


If you are looking for an invoicing tool in Ghana your best bet is tuaneka.com. it’s high time Ghanaians patronized their own homegrown products.